Maria EllisMaria Ellis is an 19 year old singer, songwriter and musician from Long Island, New York, currently attending Berklee College of Music.

Maria began her music career writing her own music on piano at the age of six. Later on, at the age of eleven, Maria found an old acoustic guitar in a cloaset and taught herself how to play, eventually mastering both the acoustic and electric guitar.

Maria is a natural performer and is completely at ease performing before small or large audiences. She has appeared in many live venues since the age of ten, including performances at New York's Bitter End, "Save the Bay" concert in the Hamptons and opening for Rick Derringer at the Riverhead Theater, New York.

This past August she showcased her talent at "The Cutting Room" where she performed 9 of her original songs singing, playing acoustic, electric guitars and piano.

Believing that the creative process should be an unhindered pursuit of honest expression, many of Maria's song themes, ideas and motivation are inspired by books, movies and her own life experiences. 

Maria also arranges her own music, which ranges broadly from pop-rock to progressive-alternative, often influenced by her musical favorites; The Beatles, Nirvana, John Mayer, Rihanna, Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse.

Hoping that others will find inspiration through her music, Maria's ultimate goal in life is to touch other people's lives with her songs.

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